Experiment 3.1 – Thurs Sept 18th, 2014

Preparation for class:

  • Read pp. 71-72
  • Prepare a lab rough and bring it to class.

(As you read through the lab, write down the measurements you are told to record, and leave room to write down the actual measurements during the lab.((For example, Dr, Wile tells you in step (4) to measure the mass of your beaker. On your lab rough you should have the words, “Step 4 – Mass of the beaker = ________ g”. If you walk through the lab and do this for each step you should be organized and ready to do the lab.)

Reading the lab in advance allows you to be prepared and organized. The better prepared and the more organized you are, the faster and more accurately you can complete the lab.

Any time you have remaining after you complete the lab can be used to begin writing up your lab smooth.

Your lab smooth is due for turn-in on Friday Sept 19th during homeroom.

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