The following is a reverse chronological progression:

2014-2017Beth Haven Christian School, Louisville, KY
 Head of School (2016-7): Head of School and Principle for a private Christian school serving 180 students (K-12), leading a team of (22) teachers and supporting staff. ACSI Certified: Math, Science & Bible
 High School Chemistry Teacher (2014-7): Apologia (Exploring Creation with Chemistry) 2nd & 3rd eds.
2013-2016Shively Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Pastor of Education and Discipleship: Associate to the Senior Pastor. Direct leadership and budgetary oversight of all educational and discipleship ministries. Lead developer for annual events, activities, and clinics reaching more than 3,000 community members annually. Expanded ministries to become multi-cultural, embracing the local refugee community. Pastoral coach to all committees and teams. Pastoral lead overseeing the executive director of a weekday children’s ministry.

I also served as the coordinator for the Louisville Local Ministers of Education network.

2011-2012Lowes Home Improvement, Greece, NY
 Head Cashier
2007-2012First Baptist Church, Holley, NY

 Senior Pastor and Lead Elder: Led teams of members to accomplish the ministries of the church. These include a team of (4) elders who are accountable for the overall vision and mission of the church, and (5) deacons/trustees who served to accomplish the day-to-day operational needs of the organization. Served as Ex-Officio member of all committees and boards. Responsible for planning and execution of the weekly Sunday Morning worship services. 

Additional activities included:

• teaching (various/all age groups)
• counseling (premarital, marital and issues based)
• coaching (external clergy, internal ministry leaders, and individuals)
• visitation (hospital, in-home)
• officiating (performing funerals, weddings, and baptisms)
• administrative assistance (financial analysis, policy development)
• web servant ( and several community ministry websites)

I also served as Chairman, Home Missions Committee and member of the Executive Committee of the Eastern Association of the North American Baptist Conference of Churches ( and

2006 The Home Depot, Batavia, NY
 Special Services Department Manager (DH-31): I led a team of expediters and counter service personnel in the coordination of all services provided to our customers through third-party vendors and subcontractors. In addition, our team handled all merchandise returns and assisted with store-wide inventory accounting and analysis.
1998-2005American Recycling & Manufacturing (ARM), Rochester, NY
 Director of Business Development and Marketing (2000-5): Led a team of facility managers in discovering, designing, proto-typing and implementing business opportunities for a multi-location business serving Fortune 500 companies. Multiple collateral corporate responsibilities including CRM/CVM, direct B2B customer liaison, relationship troubleshooter.
 Division Manager (Distribution & Warehousing) & Division Manager (Returnable Transport Packaging) (2005):  During my final year I added responsibility for P&Ls of (2) divisions to my role as Director of Business Development and Marketing. I re-organized each division into teams, with each having customer specific production cells. We implemented LEAN principles of manufacturing, eliminating all customer back-orders, causing our primary customer to comment that service and standards of performance have never been higher.
Active duty recallMarine for Life Program (Western NY Coordinator) – Active Duty (5/03 – 3/04) & Reserve (5/04 – 5/09): I served as a community resource and liaison for Marines transitioning from active duty back to civilian life. Activities included networking military, community resources, business resources and hiring managers to assist Marines with their transition.
 Systems Manager (1998-9)
1986-1997The United States Marine Corps (Active Duty) 
1994-1997Helicopter Training Squadron 18 (HT-18) and Training Wing 5 (TW-5)
Naval Air Station (NAS) Whiting Field, Whiting, FL
 Computer Based Training / Integrated Courseware Officer: I served as the Senior Project Manager and Technical Point of Contact for the design, review, acceptance, and implementation of a multi-million-dollar contractor-developed computer-based, integrated course-ware and electronic classroom education project serving 2000 students annually. This was a massive effort, requiring thousands of hours of software development and hundreds of hours of review. To accomplish this effort I recruited, organized, trained, and led (22) teams of subject matter experts to conduct reviews of the materials developed by a civilian contractor. For our efforts I was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal.
 Branch Officer for Academic Training / Certified Classroom Instructor: I led (12) academic instructors in fulfilling our mission of providing classroom instruction for more than (400) student naval aviators annually. I was personally accountable for the mentoring of all academic instructors with specific regard to proficiency, methodology, advanced training, and materials. We implemented a continuous improvement emphasis for all courses and associated consumables.

Flight Standardization Officer / Flight Instructor: Served to define standardized procedures for addressing operational and emergency situations. Chaired board responsible for making modifications to established SOPs based on changing operational theory and/or mechanical modifications to aircraft. Responsible for keeping these established procedures before squadron members to reinforce and maximize their utilization.

Provided in-aircraft training, building upon classroom presentations to move students from basic hovering to full instrument flight and basic tactical training.

1993Naval Weapons Assessment Center (NWAC), Corona, California
 Training Specialist and Amphibious Operations Consultant: Provided academic instruction to engineers and telemetry researchers on subjects of national security interest to improve their understanding of basic USMC operations. These presentations were used to refocus and improve NWACs operations and planning for future developments.
1992-19931st Battalion, 7th Marines (1/7)
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC). Twenty-Nine Palms, CA
 Forward Air Controller / Task Force Mogadishu (TF MOG) React Team
Deployed: Operation Restore Hope, Mogadishu, Somalia
 Operations Training Officer
1988-1992Heavy Marine Helicopter Squadron 465 (HMH-465)
Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Tustin, CA
 Administrative Officer (S-1) / Personnel Officer: Served as the unit’s Senior Administrative Officer, leading a department of (3) junior officers and (11) subject matter experts, tasked with providing administrative, human resource, training, and tactical information for a (650) person organization.
Deployed: Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma, Okinawa, Japan
 Pilot, Section Leader, Division Leader, Instructor: Tactics, NVG, AR & NVG AR
Deployed: Ras-Al-Ghar (Port of Jubail) Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm/Shield
 Air Training Officer (S-3)
 Ground Training Officer (S-3): Responsible for implementing a standardized sequence of classroom and inflight instruction to facilitate pilots’ advanced operational certifications
1987Ground-Air Tele-Operated Robotics Systems (GATORS)
USMC Future Weapons Center, 
Quantico, VA
 Program Manager 
 Computer and Robotics Consultant