The following is a reverse chronological progression:

2007-2012 First Baptist Church, Holley, NY
   Senior Pastor
As the Senior Pastor and Lead Elder, I lead teams of members to accomplish the ministries of FBC Holley. These include a team of (4) elders who are accountable for the overall vision and mission of the church, as well as (5) deacons/trustees who serve to accomplish the day-to-day operational needs of the organization. In addition, I serve as Ex-Officio member of all committees and boards and have personal responsibility for the planning and execution of the weekly Sunday Morning worship services, to include the presentation of a 45-minute message weekly. Additional activities include counseling (premarital, marital and issues based), teaching (all age groups), visitation (hospital, in-home), assisting the trustees with financial analysis, maintain the website, and fill other needs as they arise.
I developed and led teams of leaders to accomplish the ongoing ministries of FBC Holley. I also served as Ex-Officio member of all committees and boards and was personally responsible for planning the Sunday morning worship services and presenting a message from God’s Word. Additional activities included:
• teaching (various/all age groups)
• counseling (premarital, marital and issues based)
• coaching (external clergy, internal ministry leaders, and individuals)
• visitation (hospital, in-home
• officiating (performing funerals, weddings, and baptisms)
• administrative assistance (financial analysis, policy development)
• web servant ( and several community ministry websites)During my ministry, I also served as Chairman, Home Missions Committee and member of the Executive Committee of the Eastern Association of the North American Baptist Conference of Churches ( and
Lead elder and ex-officio member of all committees and boards. Additionally, served on the Executive Committee of our association’s NE United States regional leadership team.