Here’s the deal. (I’ll keep this brief.)

I am interested in starting a fellowship group of brothers in pastoral ministry in my area (Western Monroe, Eastern Orleans). 

The idea is really informal… starting with a group of pastors that I call friends, we come together (when able) at planned times to support one another. At times it might be lawn chairs around a campfire. Other times may be… whatever. We can talk shop at times, and we can intentionally NOT TALK SHOP at times; whatever the need at the moment brings.

The group will intentionally NOT represent a particular church, association or denomination. There will things upon which we clearly disagree. The position I am taking is that there is much more which is foundational to all of us that unites us. (To further facilitate this ethos, group membership will initially be by my invitation only.)

Frankly, I am interested in starting the kind of group I wish I had when I was a local pastor. The kind of group, given our ministry time constraints, that would provide enough value through word, silence, understanding, and fellowship, that it would become a priority in my life, and the benefits would translate to those I shepherd. 

This message is just a “feeler,” for me to see if there is any interest in just such a group. Let me know what you think, either way (‘yep” or “nope”). You will not hurt my feelings. It’s not about me, but about you and us. 

Blessings in your ongoing ministry.

In Him,