Reconnect 2014 Intro Letter

Dear Friends of Shively Baptist Church ~SBC-reCONNECT2014

I am writing to put a “bug in your ear” (gross) and encourage some brainstorming for our upcoming “Connect Weekend.”

“Connect” started as our version of Outreach International’s “Back to Church Sunday.” We added an old fashioned “High Attendance Sunday” emphasis, and a “Reach Our Neighborhood” emphasis … and “Connect” was the result.

Our focus for the weekend is all about connecting:

  • Connecting – by deepening the relationships between our members and active attenders.
  • Connecting – by reconnecting those who have been with us in the past, but disconnected.
  • Connecting – by reaching out to our local neighborhood(s) and introducing ourselves to them.
  • Connecting – by committing to SBC small groups for our own perseverance in personal discipleship.
  • Connecting – by joining together as groups, teams and committees for cooperative ministry together.

We have had several great suggestions for activities to hold during the weekend. Some of these include:

  • A classic car “drive-in”
  • A neighborhood movie “drive-in” – The Missions team is already sponsoring this event
  • A community art show
  • A church-wide yard sale
  • Community sporting event(s)
  • Lunch on the Grounds – Tentatively scheduled for Sunday after the AM service
  • Community concert(s) – The Misty Mountain String Band is available that weekend

So what am I asking of you?

  1. Promote the event within your groups, teams, committees, ministries, etc.
  2. Save the dates on your calendars – There will be events throughout the weekend.
  3. Propose events to me for the weekend. ((You can email me at the address below.)
  4. Let me know if your group, team or committee would be willing to sponsor an event.

I would appreciate your input, your prayers, and your involvement as we reach out … and Connect.

In Him,

Pastor John


You can download a copy of this letter to give to a friend here: Connect_2014_Info_Letter

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