Service Connected Disabled Oppotunities

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“I work for a technology company headquartered in Mentor, Ohio. For the past two years I have been working in coordination with OSD and the Air Force on a program where we recruit and train service-connected disabled veterans and train them extensively in DoD’s new Unique Identification (UID) technology. We then send them to various DoD maintenance depots to provide local UID expertise in DoD’s strategic UID initiative.

Thus far, we have had great success with our pilot program and have disabled veterans assigned to Tinker, Warner Robins, and Hill AFBs. We are building on that success and have engaged Representative Latourette in our effort. The congressman has already placed an earmark to support the expansion of this program into the upcoming DoD Appropriation Bill and identfied our effort as one of his top priorities. The congressman is also helping us as we continue to brief various Members of Congress, concentrating on the Ohio delegation.

The FY08 appropriation will support the salaries and training of 15 disabled veterans. The vets will take a 10 week training course at Monode’s Training Center in Mentor, OH, receiving full salaries. Lodging, per diem and travel are all covered. There is no cost to the receiving organization for these veterans.

Now that we have commitments from various DoD maintenance facilities for all 15 of our proposed veterans, we must begin the recruitment process.

Until recently I have been working with a LtCol at the Marine For Life program. He has been reassigned and I understand that the Wounded Warrior Regiment has absorbed that program.

I have hard requirements for veterans at the following locations:

Huntsville, AL (1)
Texarkanna, TX (2)
Corpus Christi, TX (3)
Keyport, WA (1)
Chambersburg, PA (1)
Tobyhanna, PA (1)
Albany, GA (3)

I can provide POCs at OSD and the Air Force to verify this initiative. If I’ve figured out your correct email, please let me know and I will provide additional information.


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