Still Kicking

Well – appears the Lord has more for me to do.

 I arrived at the hospital at 7am for admission. It was great to have Sylvia (one of our church members) there to set the IV and take me to pre-op. What do I remember . . .

  • talking to the anesthesiologist
  • being rolled into the OR
  • saying something about the big OR lights
  • . . . then waking up in recovery.

I asked Sylvia how big the polyp was. She left the room and returned with it in a specimen jar. The ENT had described it to the crew as being “caccoon sized”. That’s a pretty good description of it. 

Now I am at home recovering. The Doc wants me in tomorrow at 2pm to remove the packing. Based on how I am feeling, I don’t think covering the message on Sunday will too unrealistic.

Yhanks for the prayers all!   

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