A Child Undivided


I enjoy the children’s version of the story of Solomon and the dispute over the baby (I Kings 3:16-28).

Two women are disputing over who is the child’s true mother.

Solomon suggests dividing the child.

The true mother resists the plan, and willingly gives up what is hers; sacrificing out of love for the child.

Solomon discerns the genuineness of the true mother’s claim and responds by returning what she loves to her.

But I have to ask myself, would I love the story if the true mother was sent home childless?

  • If I focus on the women, then my answer is no.
  • If the story is about love for the child, then however painful, my answer is yes.

We are all prone to focus on ourselves and make our story the center of everything. We need to remind ourselves that the greater narrative is God’s story and His plan, where He is actively working all things out for our good and His glory.

When we find ourselves screaming for justice we need to stop and consider whether a child divided might be a consequence. If you understand that the story is not simply your own … choose life for the child, and leave the rest in His hands.

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